Earlier this year I got a call from the Kirkpatrick Foundationa private foundation focusing on arts, culture, and civic projects. They were developing a fine-art magazine and wanted me to contribute photographs to a story on Tomas Saraceno.  Saraceno's sculpture "Cloud City" which had been installed on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was coming to Colorado as part of the Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls.  I enthusiastically accepted the assignment. The 36 foot high, 20 ton structure was highly architectural and organic.  It's geometric modules were meant to be experienced from the inside, as visitors can climb in the structure via stairs throughout. 

 The photoshoot was done in June and "Cloud City" has since been dismantled and moved on.  I've been eagerly awaiting the premiere issue of the magazine, entitled "ArtDesk", not only for the Saraceno piece but for the magazine as a whole.  It's a terrifically produced publication and I encourage you to seek it out.  You can get a preview and order your copy at