Inside the designed world of J. Irwin Miller

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Exclusive: Inside the designed world of J. Irwin Miller
Photographer David Lauer takes a modern shot at a mid-century estate, The Miller House.


DENVER, July 25, 2013:  Who turns down a rare invitation to go inside a home designed by Eero Saarinen, decorated by Alexander Girard and landscaped by Dan Kiley? Lucky you, Modern In Denver photographer David Lauer agreed to head to Indiana and shoot this mid-century estate where influencer Joseph Irwin Miller once lived.
Miller single-handedly shaped the architectural landscape of his hometown of Columbus. The patron of modern architecture supported more than 70 public buildings in this town of 44,000. The Miller family donated his home and garden to the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2009.
In our latest issue, Lauer presents a unique perspective of The Miller House and offers his thoughts on the process of documenting a modern structure -- waiting for twilight, balancing natural light, mixing clean lines with the right amount of negative space. Bradley C. Brooks, IMA Director of Historic Resources adds, “David’s work at the Miller House and Garden demonstrates his fine ability to read, comprehend, and interpret architectural design and spatial flow.  He responds beautifully to the volumes, rhythms, and patterns in his subjects, creating images that offer new perspectives and deeper understanding.”
The spectacular photo series of Miller’s home is not the only highlight of our regular photo essay feature. Readers get to peer into several buildings touched by Miller, including the bank where he was chairman, his church and his office, which hasn’t been photographed publicly since 1962.
If you spotted the essay in the magazine, go online to see even more images of Lauer’s adventures inside Miller’s buildings.  The online slideshow is here.
Lauer, who is fast gaining recognition as a top architectural photographer, spent a big part of his life in film -- he was the Co-Visual Effects Supervisor of the team that won an Academy Award for Life of Pi. View his work at


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